Welcome to the home of Theshowprep.com. Fancy receiving daily show prep to your inbox hours before your breakfast show? Do you present a daily show? or a weekend Network show across a big Network? Our show prep suits all presenters so sign up for a 3 day trial and download the sample today.

If you're looking for great show prep but can't afford to pay a fortune for it then welcome aboard. We offer a quality show prep service which both includes audio and written content.

Our show prep is sent to you at the time you want it. You will receive your packaged content each morning at 3am. International users will also receive their show prep at 3am. (in your time zone)

I know how important it is to have your show prep in good time before your show. Your show prep will be delivered at 3am (UK Time) to your work or home inbox allowing you to read it, prep it and use it on the air.

Are you a presenter on an ILR radio station or a big Network station? Wherever you present your show, you want it to stand out and engage with your audience.

Included each morning with your show prep you will receive audio clips with the latest showbiz, weird news and celebrity gossip from across the world. All recorded in house and sent to you each morning at 3am. With our prep you will receive 20 pages full of content you can use on your radio show the same day.

Having produced New York award winning shows and also presenting on both ILR and National radio stations across the UK, I know how important preparing your show is. I also know how difficult and time consuming it can be. Show prep services are even more important today than ever.

Having worked with and produced presenters like Tim Shaw, Mike the Mouth Elliott and Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin you can trust our service to provide you with both quality audio and written content for your show.


* Weekend Prep for those Saturday/Sunday folk

* Delivered at 3am on Saturday & Sunday

* Latest Trends & Latest weekend Competitions

* Latest gigs and tours happening that weekend

* Exclusive showbiz audio clips recorded by Theshowprep



* Delivered every morning at 3am

* Latest Trends, Latest world & showbiz News

* Daily phoners & Weekly Competitions

* Exclusive Audio clips Recorded by Theshowprep.com



* Weekday Prep for those Saturday/Sunday folk